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Cooking Fever


by: Nordcurrent Games

Cooking Fever is an addictive and fun cooking game in which you run a restaurant and will have to prepare the customer's order that comes to you, as fast as possible.

  • Size230.0MB
  • Version18.0.1
  • Packagecom.nordcurrent.canteenhd
  • DeveloperNordcurrent Games
  • OS Android
  • Category Arcade
  • Added2023-04-30

About Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever is a fun game that puts you in the role of chef and owner of the restaurant and you will have to prepare the orders of your customers as fast as possible. Plus, you will have to cook delicious and good food to make your customers satisfied and happy with your restaurant service.

In the beginning, fewer customers will come to your restaurant and you will only have to prepare a burger but later as you will complete the levels and missions more customers will come to you, and you will have to cook more than 400 dishes to meet customers demand. The game comes with more than 1000 interesting levels.

As much you will go further in the game, you will get points that can be used to upgrade your kitchen appliances such as coffee makers, rice cookers, pizza ovens, and maker popcorn makers. Plus, the game lets you work in more the 19 restaurants located in different places.

Cook various types of food and drinks such as Indian and Chinese cuisines, coffee, etc. You will also have to manage the time so that no one goes back hungry from your restaurants. Make hundreds of delicious dishes for your restaurant visitors and customers.

The kitchen appliance can also be purchased with real money. This game required an internet connection to play. It doesn't consume so much data rather than it only needs an internet connection to save your game progress and reach and complete some daily missions.