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Fly GPS is an app that can be used to track your phone's inbuilt GPS to show a fake location or moving location while you are present somewhere else.

  • Size7.3MB
  • Version7.0.3
  • DeveloperSAMBOKING
  • OS Android
  • Category Travel & Local
  • Added2023-05-01

About Fly GPS

Fly GPS is a unique app that comes with a feature to trick the phone's most accurate GPS with just a couple of clicks. Well, we don't usually need this type of application because why would we do that? But for the players of Pokemon Go and such types of gamers, it's a very useful app that can help them to cheat the game.

Well, the Fly GPS is an authentic and secure application to use on your phone for fun or use in some other works that you want to do through using a fake geo-location. But keep in mind, your Pokemon Go and other similar game accounts can be banned by the game officials. The reason is obvious, you are cheating and ruining the game.

Fly GPS comes with some of its essential features such as the full history of fake locations & more. You can also establish your favorite fake locations in the app and can import & export locations very easily. Plus, this app also can be used on Google Map API. Use the joystick to move around your location easily.

You can download this application to fool your friends via pretend to be present somewhere else.