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Google Sheets

by: Google LLC

Google Sheets is a similar app to Google Slides which lets you create, edit, share, and collaborate with others online with the same Spreadsheet project with your smartphone.

  • Size87.1MB
  • Version1.
  • DeveloperGoogle LLC
  • OS Android
  • Category Productivity
  • Added2023-04-16

About Google Sheets

Google Sheets app can do all the tasks similar to Google Slides app. You can create and edit the spreadsheet on your smartphone or tablet and also collaborate with your friends and office colleagues to work on the same projects. With this app, you can also share the spreadsheet with others on the internet. It allows you to edit the spreadsheet fully such as you can format cells, enter or sort data, viewing charts, inserting formulas, quickly inserting charts, getting insights, using find/replace, and all the tasks that you normally do on the desktop.

Google Sheets let you open, edit, save, and share Excel files right from your Android. It allows working on a spreadsheet offline or online. While working with others on the same projects, you can work offline and when you will return online it will make save changes automatically.

Another best thing about Google Sheets app is that the more you work on your project, it will save all the data automatically which means you will never lose any of your data once filled in the spreadsheet with it. No matter whether your phone shuts down or the app gets closed mistakenly.

The app gives you the freedom to work online or offline on spreadsheet projects anytime and anywhere without needing the desktop. No matter where you are traveling, complete your work with your smartphone effortlessly.