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by: Mega Ltd

Mega is an online cloud storage service application for your Android and tablets which offers you secure and free cloud storage of up to 50 GB and paid plans for higher cloud storage limits.

  • Size194.0MB
  • Version7.8.1(230950052)(3a0e6b60d6)
  • DeveloperMega Ltd
  • OS Android
  • Category Productivity
  • Added2023-04-14

About MEGA

Mega is the official application for online cloud storage of the same name which let you upload & store your files & data on cloud storage straight through your phone. It's a completely secure cloud storage service in which your uploaded data can be encrypted & decrypted with only your client device.

The mega application lets you manage your user account of cloud storage from your phone and provides you with all the features that you can only access through a browser. You can upload, store, share, view, stream, and download any of your data files with your smartphone and tablets easily and you don't even need to log in to the browser for it, you just need to download the Mega app in your phone and need an active internet connection.

Mega cloud storage service provides you with 50GB of free storage for a user account and if you need more storage than 50GB, you can go for the paid plans.

Now you also can do video chat with your friends with the Mega app and also can share cloud files with your friend easily. It also provides you with a chat history for your calls and chats.

And just like other cloud storage services, you can sync your account in various devices and also can access and upload any files from cloud storage easily from any of your devices.

So if you want secure online cloud storage for uploading and storing your data then just download the Mega app and try it out, it's really awesome and secure. Its simple and easy interface makes it easy to upload, store, view, and download any files from your phone to the internet easily.