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by: Level Infinite

PUBGM is the best multiplayer game for Android which provides the most intense multiplayer battle royale experience on Android and iOS devices.

  • Size1.3 GB
  • Version2.5.0
  • Packagecom.tencent.ig
  • DeveloperLevel Infinite
  • OS Android
  • Category Action
  • Added2023-03-20


PUBGM is a free action, multiplayer & survival game, specially designed for mobile gamers. In classic mode, you get the best survival experience: jump on the map, gear up, and fight with enemies for survival and to be the last one standing for the win. TDM, an intense 4v4 battle with unlimited spawn, gets a certain number of kills first and wins. Payload mode, Arcade mode, and Zombie mode where you can explore and enjoy the game.

Top Features of the PUBGM:

HD Graphics& 3D Sound: PUBGM Provides the best HD Graphics on Android devices with a 3D sound system. As well as it let you customize in-game controls, allows voice chat with teammates, training ground where you can train yourself to be the best and most skilled in the game. So overall it gives you a console gaming experience on your mobile device.

Detailed in-game features: PUBGM lets you choose between FPS (First-person Shooter) and TPS (Third-person shooter), you can play both perspectives according to your preference. Solo, Duo, or 4 men Squad matches can be played. 100 players classic mode where you get real survival experience, TDM delivers the most intense 4v4 battle in 3 different maps: warehouse, ruins, domination. Zombie mode gives you the experience of survival against zombies as well as enemies. Payload mode, get new weapons: RPG-7, Grenade launcher, etc, New vehicles: a helicopter that gives you a different game experience. Arcade mode matches, Short 8-minute games give you a fast and quick serial experience in the small map.

Massive and detailed Maps: PUBGM provides 4 massive maps to play classic matches: Erangel, Sanhok, Vikendi, and Miramar. Play any map, anytime according to your interest. Choose your favorite and lucky map to play for domination. Dynamic weather, day/night mode, and dense jungle make these maps more interesting and fun to play.

Daily Missions & updates: PUBGM gives daily missions & challenges to complete and monthly updates with many more interesting features.

Anti-cheat mechanism: Powerful anti-cheat system banned the cheaters immediately and provides a fair game experience to everyone.

So, What are you waiting for? download PUBGM and enjoy the best gaming experience on your phone.