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Robbery Bob


by: Deca_Games

Robbery Bob is a strategy and action game in which you play as Bob and your objective is to steal people's goods & money without being caught by Cops, Guard dogs, and Neighbors.

  • Size60.0MB
  • Version1.21.10
  • DeveloperDeca_Games
  • OS Android
  • Category Action
  • Added2023-05-01

About Robbery Bob

<>Robbery Bob is the game that puts you in the role of Robbery guy ‘Bob’ and your objective is to steal people's valuable goods and money. But keep in mind that you can be caught by the Cops, Guard Dogs, and Neighbors so stay alert, they all want to finish off your criminal career as a thief. You will have to be super sneaky and clever to commit theft.

There is a story and the reason behind ‘Bob’ becoming a thief and you will uncover it as you level up yourself by completing missions. ‘Bob’ also wants to leave this Crime Job but he will have to commit a certain theft crime before he gives up the theft altogether. Can you complete all your mission without being suspected and caught? While you are running after stealing, you can use tight squeezes to hide from being detected.

This game has decent graphics along with simple & easy-to-use controls. You can move around the character through a virtual joystick located in the left bottom corner and from the right bottom side of the screen, you can run. Steal people's belongings using clever, intelligent, and sharp brains and upgrade Bob's Skills using stolen money.

In your crime missions, you will have to commit theft in a local neighborhood, downtown, and also in secret labs and have to steal goods, money, secret documents, and even a lot more valuable things. So, what are you waiting for? Download the “Robbery Bob” and enjoy it by becoming the most vicious thief in this game.