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Snapchat Beta

by: Snap Inc

Snapchat is a fun app to share daily life moments, photos, and videos with your friends and family by applying effects, 3D stickers, and filters.

  • Size125.4 MB
  • Version12.23.0.26 Beta
  • DeveloperSnap Inc
  • OS Android
  • Category Communication
  • Added2023-03-30

About Snapchat

Snapchat is a fun social media app where you can add daily events as stories and share them with your friends and followers. You can chat with your friends directly through it. It allows you to take photos and videos to share all over the world using exclusive filters, effects, lenses, and Bitmojis.

Best Features Of Snapchat:

Chat with Friends: You can do chat messaging and live messaging with your friends and can share your life moments, photos, and videos with them. Snapchat allows up to 16 friends in a live video chat which is the most amazing feature of the app. Friendmojis help you to interact with your friends more effectively.

Express Yourself with Snapchat: Snapchat gives you many fun effects, stickers, Bitmojis, friend emojis, and filters to express yourself on Snapchat. Just take photos and videos, add a caption, and share it with your custom world. Press tap to take photos, and press, and hold for videos in the camera section. Snapchat provides many more lenses and filters on a daily basis or you can create custom filters to add to your photos and videos.

Discover and Enjoy: if you want to watch friends' life events then you will have to follow them. Start following friends, see their stories, and know what's happening in their life. You can also follow publishers and creators and celebrates and know about upcoming movies, entertainment shows, breaking news, and many more.

Snap Map: Snapchat allows you to share your location with your friends so, they can know where you're hanging out. And also you can see friend location if they shared with you. Location features also can be used for finding nearby live stories.

Memory: You can save your life moment and stories, photos, and videos in free cloud storage to share them later with your friends. Snapchat gives you features to edit your memory photos and videos before sharing them with friends.

Download Snapchat and enjoy, save, and share your life's amazing moments.