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Barcode Scanner


by: Essential Labs

Barcode Scanner is an app that can turn your smartphone camera into the Barcode Reader that can be used to scan Barcodes, matrices, and QR codes printed on different products.

  • Size47.0MB
  • Version1.1.46
  • Packagecom.mobileappsshop.barcode
  • DeveloperEssential Labs
  • OS Android
  • Category Tools
  • Added2023-04-22

About Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner is an app that can make your phone's camera into a real-time Barcode Reader. Well, you all know that the Barcodes, matrices, and QR codes that we found printed on almost every product contain important info about the product, and thanks to this app let you access that hidden important info in just a matter of seconds.

The user interface of this app is intuitive and easy to use. Whenever you will open this app it will open your phone's back camera to scan the Barcodes you just need to focus your camera on any Barcode, Matrix, or QR Code and it will decode and show all the hidden info into that Barcode, Matrix, or QR Code.

This app also lets you send your contacts, apps, and bookmarks as Barcodes that's why it needs permission to access your contacts. Plus, it also needs camera permission to turn on your phone's back camera to Scan the Barcodes, QR codes, and matrix.

Barcode Scanner is the best and easy way to read the Barcodes with ease without needing any extra gadgets or expenses.

The app is completely secure and cares about your privacy and security that's why it doesn't collect any info that you scan through it and nor it lets access this data to any third-party website or app.