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Digital Compass


by: Axiomatic Inc.

Compass is an Android application that works similarly to the gadget of the same name.

  • Size6.1MB
  • Version9.4
  • Packagecom.vincentlee.compass
  • DeveloperAxiomatic Inc.
  • OS Android
  • Category Tools
  • Added2023-04-19

About Digital Compass

This Compass application works as a real compass which provides the latitude, longitude, and address of the current location with precision. This application also shows the strength of the magnetic field. While you have this application on your phone, you don't need a real compass gadget.

The user interface of this app is intuitive and easy to use. You can see magnetic strength and sensor status on the screen. Magnetic strength is really helpful while finding the interference. The app runs in the full screen makes it easier to use.

While using this compass application, some things need to be kept in mind. First, keep the device away from the magnetic field, and second, don't use magnetic covers. It can make errors in results. If you take care of these things, this app will show you result with high precision. If you still facing some problems getting a precise result with this app then calibrate your device. While using this app, keep your device parallel to the ground while your phone's screen is facing the sky.

The data including latitude, longitude, and address of the current location that you will get with this application can be shared with other apps and people easily through the app.