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Lock Screen


by: olalab

The lock screen is a lightweight application to lock your phone's screen immediately without pressing the power button.

  • Size65.1KB
  • Version1.8
  • Packagecom.olalab.lockscreen
  • Developerolalab
  • OS Android
  • Category Tools
  • Added2023-04-19

About Lock Screen

Lock Screen is a very lightweight application and its size is 0.1Mb (35kb). It works as a widget on your phone and locks your phone immediately. The app is completely ad-free and free to use. Use this app on your phone to lock the screen in the most convenient way.

How to start using it?

You can use this app in a very simple manner. First, download and open the app and then click on activate button located in the bottom right and that's all. You are ready to use this application. Once you finished this simple task, you don't need to open this application again. Just click on it and your device will be locked immediately.

In a lot more newly launched smartphones, you will get a pre-made widget for this work but still, some smartphones don't have lock screen widgets. In those phones, this application can be used.

If you find this application unusable for you then you can uninstall it anytime. To uninstall this application just go to settings>App>Lock screen, and click on uninstall.

This app uses device administrator permission to lock your Android smartphone. Also, it uses the new Accessibility service API to lock your phone screen without disabling the fingerprint. Please give it the required permission to run.