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Google Earth

by: Google LLC

Google Earth is an app developed by Google in which you explore the whole world through satellite images and aerial and street views in 3D graphics.

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  • Version9.180.0.1
  • DeveloperGoogle LLC
  • OS Android
  • Category Travel & Local
  • Added2023-04-13

About Google Earth

Google Earth is a fun, informative as well as useful app for us that lets you visit the whole world virtually with 3D graphics and satellite images with aerial and street views. See the world from above and explore the cities, tourist places, and every place that you want. Not only you can see from the above but also you zoom in at any place and can see 360 aerial views and street views.

See the thousand of cities and places to visit and make the traveling plan accordingly. Google Earth lets you watch the world with a different perspective with NASA satellites images, National Geographic, a collection of guided tours from BBC Earth, and Voyager.

Whenever you will open this app, you will find a globe, just spin the globe around. Click on any location and you will be able to see the 3D view of that place easily. You can search for any specific place or location by just typing the name in the search bar located at the top. All the graphics and satellite images that you will find here in very high quality, so it might be a little bit more data ( Internet ) consuming.

Google Earth is the best app for virtual tourism that allows you to visit any place in the world just within the seconds. It covers almost 95% area of the earth. So what are you waiting for? Download Google Earth and enjoy its useful tools to visit the whole world for free.