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ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner


by: Telos ID

ICE Unlock is a real fingerprint lock for Android phones which uses true biometrics to unlock your device.

  • Size
  • Version11.1.3
  • Packagecom.dft.iceunlock
  • DeveloperTelos ID
  • OS Android
  • Category Tools
  • Added2023-04-13

About ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner

ICE Unlock is an application that provides security for your data in your device by locking your device using your fingerprint biometrics. The app works on the ONYX engine and provides high-level security by locking your phone's screen. There is no need for additional hardware or a scanner to use this lock application on your smartphones.

How to use the ICE Unlock app on your Phone:

For using ICE Unlock, The phone must have a rear-facing camera. When you will set up this application for the first time, it will ask you to take a photo of your fingerprint with the rear-facing camera of your phone. After taking a photo, whenever you need to unlock your device you will have to take a photo of your fingerprint, and the app will process and match your fingerprint photo. After successfully matched, it will unlock your device.

The photo that this app takes when you set up this app for the first time converts into a template and is saved in the secured storage of your phone. And whenever you unlocked your device, it matches a new fingerprint photo with the pre-saved templates.

One more noticeable thing is that the phone's rear-facing camera should be able to focus on close objects to take clear photos of your fingerprint. So, the app can work properly otherwise ICE Unlock will not work.

ICE Unlock is a touchless fingerprint scanner for your Android built on the ONYX engine which works properly in Android, iPhone, and iPad. And unlike other fake fingerprint applications, it gives you true biometric security for your phone. And the data on your phone can't be used for reverse engineering for this app to unlock your device.