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by: Lowtech Studios is an online game in which you control a worm to make him bigger by making eating colored balls and your objective is to make the longest slither.

  • Size16.9MB
  • Version1.6.2
  • DeveloperLowtech Studios
  • OS Android
  • Category Action
  • Added2023-04-14

About is a game that comes with simple but fun gameplay. You just need to control the worm and eat every colored ball that comes in its path. But remember if your worm's head touches the other worm's body then your worm will die and the game will be over. Similarly, if the other player's worm touches your worm's body with its head then it will die. After dying the other worm you can eat them to grow faster.

The best thing about this game is that you can win even when your worm is tiny or small, size doesn't matter for the win. Also, when any worm got killed, just go fast and eat them to make yourself longer slither. To defeat other worms try to touch other worms' heads to your worm's body.

Defeat all the other players who are in the same mission. The game looks easy and fun but it also challenging at the same time. Controls of this game are really easy.

So what are you waiting for? Download the, become the longest slither, and enjoy its unique gameplay on your phone.