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Yandex Mail


by: Yandex Apps

Yandex Mail is an official application to manage your Yandex email account on your Android smartphone.

  • Size118.8MB
  • Version8.37.4
  • DeveloperYandex Apps
  • OS Android
  • Category Communication
  • Added2023-04-30

About Yandex Mail

Yandex Mail is the official app for the Yandex Email service and this app lets us manage your account providing us with all the essential features. It provides all the features that we usually get in the web version, all thanks to its simplistic and useful user interface.

With this app, you can write & send an email along with receiving & reading other emails. Plus, you can add any file, photo, or video to send with the email as an attachment and also can view photo, video, or file that any other users send to you through email. All with the comfort of your smartphone screen.

This app also lets you search for any specific mail by the sender, recipients, or any words written in the mail. You also can filter messages by levels. Plus, this app has a push notification feature that's why you don't need to checkout by reopening the app again and again. Whenever a new email will be received, the app will send you a push notification and by clicking on that notification you can read that email with ease.

Once the email is received on your phone, you don't need an internet connection to open it, It can be read anytime and anywhere without an internet connection. An Internet connection is only required for sending, receiving messages, and downloading the attached files.

While you have the Yandex Mail app on your phone you can access all the web features of Yandex email service right at your fingertips.