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ClassDojo is a powerful app to establish communication between teachers, students, and parents to create a safe, peaceful, and creative online classroom.

  • Size258.2MB
  • Version5.82.3
  • DeveloperClassDojo
  • OS Android
  • Category Education
  • Added2023-04-22

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo is an app that provides all the essential tools to teachers, students, and guardians to give rich communication & an online classroom experience. The Guardian can keep tracking their child's activities and work of online classes right on their Android. Plus, teachers can send messages to parents anytime safely, and quickly, all thanks to its intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

For using this app, you will have to create a user account as a teacher, student, or guardian. If you are a guardian or student, you will get an identification code so that teacher can sort out you from other guardians and students of the same class and groups. Well, if you are a teacher, create a user profile and then link it to the institution and start creating groups for different classes' students so that the students could join their class group.

If you are a Guardian, you can keep noticing all the activities of your child, even you can view the photos & videos of the past online streamed classes and special announcements by teachers. The app works very well on all devices whether it's an Android phone, iPhone, tablet, laptop, or computer.

There are all essential classroom tools available here such as students can share their online classwork with teachers and the teacher also can hold a parent-teacher meeting anytime. If any student misbehaves in the classroom, the teacher can give him a negative marking so that his Guardian can notice this.

With millions of users worldwide, it's the best app to create a safe and well-maintained online class. Download and start your online education right now.