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by: Coursera, Inc.

Coursera is an online education portal for learning hundreds of courses in various fields from the top universities in the world.

  • Size29.5MB
  • Version4.4.0
  • DeveloperCoursera, Inc.
  • OS Android
  • Category Education
  • Added2023-04-20

About Coursera

Coursera is an official app for the online learning website of the same name, which lets you access hundreds of courses from various subjects right on your Android or tablet. This app lets you manage all the courses and online lectures easily if you signed up for more than one course at the same time.

The app interface is simple and intuitive which makes it easy to access all the Coursera lectures and courses in an organized way. Plus, this app lets you download lectures to view offline anytime and anywhere.

This online education portal offers us more than 600+ courses in a variety of subjects such as Computer Programming, Data Science, Engineering, Nutrition, Music, Space Science, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Chemistry, Animation, Photography, Psychology, Robotics, Etc. All the online courses and lectures are created by top experienced teachers and field experts from the world's top universities.

You can browse from more than 600+ courses on this Coursera website or in the app and sign up for any of the courses of your interest. The app offers us lectures and learning materials in more than 12+ international languages. Plus, if you want to get certificates for qualification in any of the subjects, you will have to subscribe to personalization or enroll in the personalization by paying for that specific course.